Statics & dynamics of buildings



Our company focuses on the statics of surface structures, including both new structures and renovations. We formulate the static aspect of project documentation for every phase of the given project, beginning with initial studies of buildings and ending with contractor documentation. We provide a very broad range of services, including the following activities in particular:


New structures

  • Design of concrete and reinforced-concrete structures
  • Design of timber and steel structures
  • Design of foundations
  • Design of composite and combined structures
  • Design of structures on gap sites


  • Static assessment of existing buildings
  • Renovation of existing load-bearing elements
  • Design of new load-bearing elements of buildings
  • Surveying of the current condition of buildings
  • Diagnostics of structural defects
  • Provisional securing of buildings in the case of conversion and damage incidents
  • Consultation, engineering and advisory services


  • Audits of the static aspects of project documentation
  • Assessment of the condition of load-bearing structures of buildings prior to their purchase



Finished projects

The new Municipal Office in Dolni Mecholupy 2009-06-30

A newly constructed building which has two above-ground and one subterranean floor.


Grandhotel Zlaty lev 2009-01-20

Comprehensive renovation of an existing building, its conversion into a hotel and operational connection to the neighbouring Grandhotel building.