Statics & dynamics of buildings

Repair of damage to the load-bearing structure in a basement

Location: Za Zelenou Liskou, Prague 4
Architect: -
Client: Prague 4
Implementation of project: 09/2007
Activities implemented: Static securing of the building and the project for implementation of construction
Construction time: 2007
Repair of the ceiling installation of an existing subterranean coal-storage facility in the Za Zelenou liškou building in Prague 4. The ceiling serves as a parking area for vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes. Due to the deteriorating water-proofing on the roof of the storage unit, there had been long-term leakage of rain and surface water into the building. The existing reinforced-concrete structure of the ceiling had thus been continually exposed to moisture, drying and the effects of freezing temperatures.

Static assessment of ceiling damage

Location: ul. Sluštická, Prague 10
Architect: -
Client: Private investor
Implementation of project: 12/2007
Activities implemented: Static assessment
Construction time: -
Static assessment of the causes of damage to the existing lower part of the ceiling in an attic apartment. During an examination of the structure, it was determined that the damage was due to unprofessional work performed during renovation in the 1970s.


Finished projects

The new Municipal Office in Dolni Mecholupy 2009-06-30

A newly constructed building which has two above-ground and one subterranean floor.


Grandhotel Zlaty lev 2009-01-20

Comprehensive renovation of an existing building, its conversion into a hotel and operational connection to the neighbouring Grandhotel building.