Statics & dynamics of buildings


Company profile

The company comprehensively ensures formulation of the static aspects of project documentation at various levels, from studies through implementation and contractor documentation, including on-site technical supervision. Furthermore, the company performs special dynamic, non-linear and stability calculations, surveys of the current condition of structures, audits of projects, and static assessment of the current condition of buildings.

We offer architectural studios the opportunity of collaboration on projects during the formulation of building studies in the form of consultation or preliminary static calculations.

The company is authorised to perform design activities in capital construction and the construction of buildings, including changes thereto, as well as engineering activities in capital construction.


Finished projects

The new Municipal Office in Dolni Mecholupy 2009-06-30

A newly constructed building which has two above-ground and one subterranean floor.


Grandhotel Zlaty lev 2009-01-20

Comprehensive renovation of an existing building, its conversion into a hotel and operational connection to the neighbouring Grandhotel building.